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There are a number of ways to sell your property


What Are The Different Ways To Sell My House?


As you can see below there are several ways to sell your home, but what about when you need to sell your house quick? There is, of course, nothing wrong with estate agents and online property portals but the process can be long, costly and incredibly stressful.


At We Buy Properties we know how difficult it is to sell a house quickly, which is why we have found a way for homeowners to speed up the process, so whatever the reason – you can get the fast house sale you require!

You can market your property via your local estate agent who will advertise your property to potential buyers. Estate agents usually charge a percentage of the final purchase price. You will also have to pay solicitors fees.


This will not be a guaranteed sale. You will still be paying ongoing mortgage payments while waiting for a possible sale. And the agreed price is often reduced.

The quickest and fastest solution. We Buy Properties can purchase your house within 7 days with no charges and no legal fees to pay. Receive a free quote within 24 hours with absolutely no obligations.

Advertising your property online will enable you to reach a wider audience depending on the website you are using. With this solution you may save on estate agent fees, but there will also be solicitors fees you will have to cover.


You will have to dedicate time to show people around the property. And while this process is ongoing, you will have to continue paying the mortgage payments.

We guarantee to make you an offer inside 24 hours!


Money could be in your account within 7 days!


Moving house is often rated as the most stressful thing you can do in your life, and this stress is only heightened when you are desperately typing into Google “how can I sell my house fast?” because you just need to get rid of it and move on.

There are many reasons you might be looking to sell your house quickly and most of these reasons will already be causing you pain and distress, before you even start dealing with the issues that come from selling your home.


However, whatever the reason, we can help! Simply fill in our online valuation form and we will send you an offer within 24 hours. If you are happy with the offer and would like to continue then we could have the cash in your hand no sooner than a week. Bet you didn’t realise that you could sell your house that fast!


Contact us and we can help you to achieve a fast house sale today, with no hassle and NO hidden fees.


We are cash house buyers, and for any of the reasons above we can help and offer a quick house sale solution and complete on a property sale as quick as 7 days. Contact us today and we can help you sell your house fast.

We GUARANTEE to make you a cash offer within 24 hours!


If you want to sell your house fast, then we are one of the most trusted names in the business. Contact us today and we could be completing on your property sale in just seven days!


Request an offer now. Get the best cash price for selling your property with We Buy Properties .

Cash House Buyers


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We understand the personal and financial importance of selling a property and that is why we are regarded as one of the UK’s leading property buyers and most trustworthy cash house buyers.


A team of industry experts plus the benefit of more than 30 years’ experience in the property sector means you are in safe hands with We Buy Properties

What is a cash house buyer?


A cash house buyer, as the name would suggest, is either an individual or company with sufficient funds to pay for the entirety of your property.


While there are numerous benefits to using house buyers who pay cash for your property, such as being able to sell your house incredibly quickly, you must also take care and consideration to ensure you only work with professional and reliable ones.


As you can imagine, not all home buyers who use cash to buy property are trustworthy.


Some are simply acting on behalf of other organisations and may charge extra fees for services such as arranging surveys. Others may also attempt to profit further by selling your information to third parties.


At We Buy Properties , there are no hidden fees or expenses and we guarantee that you will receive the full quoted price for your property. We also pay all legal fees and will even appoint a solicitor for you if you do not have one.

The benefits of using a cash house buyer


Opting to go with house buyers who pay you in cash, like We Buy Properties , is the fastest way to sell your property.


Selling a house usually involves tedious elements like surveys, mortgages and dealings with banks. All of which can prolongue the already considerable amount of time that property spends on the market. With We Buy Properties , we guarantee a fast and competitive house sale, so you don’t have to endure any of these factors.


There are many companies that aren’t actually genuine cash house buyers. These companies will promise a fast house sale and then delay the purchase until they have arranged finance or sourced a buyer.


In the unfortunate event that you need to sell your home quickly, for reasons ranging from financial difficulties to divorce, we promise that we can unlock the value of your property in an honest and efficient fashion.


At We Buy Properties we pride ourselves on being industry-leading home buyers that provide one of the safest and fastest property selling services. We can make an offer for your property within 24 hours and make the full payment inside the next 7 days.